Founded over 25 years ago by our current Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Scientific Management International has an unparalleled reputation built on the technological expertise of it’s people.

Our CEO Keith Wells is widely recognised as probably THE leading expert in the world when it comes to ‘right first time’ pressure moulded cable harnesses and connectors for any hostile environment. Keith began his career in the marine industry before taking up Regan’s challenge and designing parts of the ‘Star Wars’ programme.

He has since focused on creating a company whose reputation is built on 10,000 installations and zero leaks on products operating in some of the most hostile environments across the globe.

Keith is joined on the board by various experts in their field who help to recruit the best people and also advance the company to further endeavors.

This expertise is built on solid experience across technology and engineering – including our ground breaking use of PE and TPPU together in our PlasEthUrM mouldings. One of the other founders was one of the scientists in the 1960s who worked on the first pressure hull glands for submarines with the navy, so you’d be hard pressed to find better pedigree, continuity and heritage within a company and it’s one we’re incredibly proud of.