Connectivity, Reliability and Innovation in Aerospace

As specialists in the design and manufacture of moulded cable harnesses for power, signal and fibre optics, Avalon attendees with issues of connectivity should be talking to Scientific Management International about their numerous applications for aerospace wiring harnesses and systems in the civil and military aerospace sectors.

For example, the SMI team have been able to recently showcase through-tank cable systems as well as their hostile environment harnesses. The company is adapting the toughness, durability and dependability of its naval products for the particular demands of the aerospace domain. This includes making them lighter and leaner and addressing challenges around the lubricants, hydraulic fluids and other liquids found on aircraft.

Aerospace Cable Systems and Wiring Harnesses

Aircraft environments expose cable systems to an array of dynamic environmental extremes. Cable systems in the area have traditionally utilised off-the-shelf materials. However, these solutions are not long-term, and require constant replacement increasing through-life costs. Scientific Management International’s bespoke, moulded cable systems are tailored to their environment and deliver a cost-effective yet robust and reliable solution. Thermal expansion and contraction during altitude changes can produce problems over time for power and data systems, as condensation pervades connections through failing seals. This cannot happen with Scientific Management International’s terminations, thanks to the company’s thermoplastic moulding technology.

Scientific Management International sees scope for its cable systems across different categories of aircraft, both commercial and military. It is keen to discuss potential opportunities and ideas with companies in the domain, from aircraft that transport hundreds of people through to platforms that fight fires in remote locations.

10,000 Installations, Zero Failures

Scientific Management International delivers solutions that are ‘right first time, every time – fit and forget’. In its decades of work in the naval sector, it has so far produced more than 10,000 installations with zero leaks. With long term sealing users can extend the life of their systems, cutting back on the costly maintenance cycle and delivering through life economy.

It’s recommended to involve their specialists in your designs as soon as possible, as the earlier they are in the planning stage the more they can use their technical expertise to inform design and create elegant cost saving solutions, such as:

• Aviation cable systems for hostile situations
• Penetrative cables for fuel tanks of aircraft
• Cable harnesses and connectors aimed at transitioning systems from hydraulics to electrical control
• Proximity sensors overmoulded for hostile environment deployment


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