Over 25 years of excellence in connectors for hostile environments

Scientific Management International delivers solutions that are ‘right first time, every time – fit and forget’. In its decades of work in the in the most hostile military and civil environments, it has so far produced more than 10,000 installations with zero leaks.

From it’s founding in 1992 by current CEO, Keith Wells, the company has had a reputation for both innovation and the highest level of reliability. The company has championed the use of thermoplastic polyurethane and more significantly thermoplastic polyethylene in connector mouldings, the latter often regarded as impossible to achieve yet delivered for over 20 years by SMI. This has led SMI products being specified on some of the most mission critical and challenging projects across the globe where regardless of the hostility of the environment the components cannot fail.

Over 20 Years of MoD Capability Approval

20 years capability approval from the MODScientific Management International is the only company globally to hold over 20 years of continuous MoD capability approval. SMI connectors are specified across a range of the most challenging surface and marine applications in the British armed forces.

With long term 100% effective sealing users can extend the life of their systems and prevent unexpected failures in mission critical areas. In both civilian and military applications SMI’s connectors and wiring harnesses are now specified by those who are well informed as they understand that they cut back on the costly maintenance cycles and delivering through life giving a lower total cost of ownership.

Expertise across naval, aerospace, power and transport

While SMI’s 25-year pedigree of producing cable systems for the naval sector, including the UK’s nuclear fleet is well known, they also bring this wealth of knowledge and expertise to the aerospace, power and transport sectors.

As specialists in designing and manufacturing moulded connectors and cable harnesses for power, signal and fibre optics, there are numerous applications for SMI systems. For example our innovative designs include penetrative cables for the fuel tanks of aircraft, weight-saving electronic alternatives to hydraulics and sub-sea cable systems for off-shore power.

SMI works in partnership with its customers to solve problems and design specific solutions. With an unparalleled wealth of knowledge and sophisticated R&D facilities if you have a challenging cable or connector requirement your first, and only call, needs to be to SMI.

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