Unassailable Fit & Forget Pressure Moulded Cable Systems for Hostile Environments


SMI’s Fibregence product set is frequently integral to TelemetriX infrastructure solutions, which offers rapid, secure, and dependable interoperability between critical naval systems in submarine and surface fleets.

Complex system telemetry is delivered over optical fibre and hybrid interconnect solutions. Passive optical devices can also be packaged with the robust and assured pressure moulding technology.

SMI slipstream fibre optics

Custom fibre optic cable assemblies

Optical fibre communications increase the data rate capability of systems. SMI’s maximisation of bandwidth and the use of couplers and wavelength division multiplexers are all designed to withstand the rigours of the hostile marine environment over prolonged service life. 

Subsea deployment

Optical sensors on subsea turbines, monitoring stress on blades, is another application where a robust subsea fibre connection is essential.

The durability required for subsea deployment and need to respect the bend radii of optical fibres, has typically resulted in large connections which are ill-suited to limited spatial requirements.

SMI’s SlipstreaM mouldings

SlipstreaM mouldings minimise the space envelope for cabling systems. SlipstreaM offers a 90° thermoplastic sealed cable routing for a range of connectors. Optical performance is preserved and installations can be designed efficiently.

  • Low loss-low profile 90-degree termination
  • Optical connection without compromise
  • Choice of connector type available
  • Multimode and singlemode fibre optics

Fibregence interconnect and pressure hull penetrators can also be supplied with PlastEthUrm dual jacket mouldings for product life expectancy exceeding 25 years.