Unassailable Fit & Forget Pressure Moulded Cable Systems for Hostile Environments

System Solutions

Telemetrix™ Solutions

The TelemetriX technology solutions have been developed by SMI to allow rapid, secure and dependable interoperability between critical naval systems in submarine and surface fleets. The solutions build on our continuous capability approval for pressure hull penetrators and deliver future enabled systems in today’s fleets.

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PlastEthUrM mouldings combine the benefits of the two different jacket materials, PE as the inner jacket and TPPU as the outer jacket. Both jackets are separately terminated using thermoplastic pressure moulding processes where each different jacket material amalgamates with the moulding and chemically bonds to the connector or gland.
Harmonising the benefits of two different cable jacket materials through a PlastEthUrm moulding that separately seals and water blocks has given SMI the opportunity to offer an industry leading and unique 10 year warranty.

SMI PlastEthUrm


The Fibregence product set is increasingly integral to the Telemetrix technology and delivers future ready connectivity solutions for naval platforms. Complex system telemetry is delivered over optical fibre and hybrid interconnect solutions. Passive optical devices can also be packaged with the robust and assured pressure moulding technology proven over a quarter of a century at sea.

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