Tidal & Wave

For 25 years, 20 of which we have held uninterrupted Capability Approval from the MoD, we have been producing cable harnesses and connectors for the submarine industry worldwide including our own nuclear fleet. An error here could result in the loss of a boat with all lives on board so our mantra of ‘right first time, every time, fit and forget’ means no other cable harness installation is likely to phase us.

There are inevitable parallels between marine turbines installed in some of the world’s most unfriendly environments, whilst not perhaps as challenging as a submarine diving to maximum depth, they are non the less one of the most technically challenging installations we could tackle. For us and our 25 year heritage this seemed a very natural progression.


We are a supplier to the OH Turbine at Cape Sharp and supplied export cable terminations for Tidal Energy’s Deltastream installation in Pembrokeshire.

These projects have spanned cable systems, connectors and glands for:

  • LV auxiliary power
  • MV power at 6.6 and 13.8 kV
  • And fibre optic connectors with 12 or 24 fibres contacts

All have been installed and worked first time – fit and forget.


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