Unassailable Fit & Forget Pressure Moulded Cable Systems for Hostile Environments

Unassailable Fit & Forget Pressure Moulded Cable Systems for Hostile Environments

Gisma Series 80 Connectors

These push-pull connectors are predominantly used in ROV applications, subsea stab plates and junction boxes. Thanks to the flushing device in the oil-filled mating area, a high insulation value is guaranteed after underwater mating. As these connectors have an oil-filled plug, they are pressure compensated and offer constant mating forces regardless of water depth.

Gisma Series 80 Connector

Key features


The Series 80 Gisma connector has underwater mating capability and a design life of 25 years. Available in stainless steel and titanium, this connector has excellent insulation values with high pressure watertightness, specifically designed for under water applications. It has handles for ease of use and flexibility.

The oil-filled plug means these connectors are pressure compensated and offer constant mating forces regardless of the water depth, in addition to the double O-ring sealing. This makes them specifically designed for deep sea mating. The materials are put under minimal stress at high pressures and depths because of their constant and low mating forces.

This is an extremely high performing connector due to its very reliable sealing system, a pressure balanced system and the flushing device. The high-quality elastomers and sophisticated membrane design mean the operational reliability is ensured over many years.

The Series 80 connector mating system can be used for ROVs and for handling by divers with trustworthy locking in both areas.


The design features of the Series 80 receptacle include a longitudinally sealed contact design with two dependent double O-ring seals. It also has a gold-plated PEEK copper pin contact and a scoop proof design.

The receptacles are specifically designed for air and oil-filled junction boxes where several individual cables can be combined to a system cable.

Series 80 Plug

The Series 80 plug has 3 locking clamps with an overall safety spring. The use of strong FVMQ makes for a reliable double membrane sealing system in conjunction with double FVMQ O-ring seals. There is a 16mm long entry gasket for each contact, specifically designed with a shuttle pin that reduces compression during storage, set in the front gasket.

With this plug, there are a series of endbells and hose tube adapters available, along with various handlebars, for whatever you may require.


Technological aspects of this Gisma connector include the following:

  • Test pressure of up to 600 bar
  • Contact arrangements of 1 to 19 contacts
  • Signal, coaxial and 12 kV power connectors available


These connectors are most commonly used for subsea stab plates, junction boxes, ROV applications, renewable energy and marine research.


SMI have partnered with Gisma for over 20 years, based on sharing similar goals and achievements. Gisma’s expertise in developing underwater connectors, specifically designed for wet underwater plug-in, aligns with SMI’s ambitions of developing high quality solutions for hostile environments.

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To find out more about the Series 80 connectors, or to look at other Gisma connector products, do not hesitate to contact the SMI team regarding any queries or specific requirements you may have.