Since the Bronze age man has been facing up to the most hostile of environments to dig useful materials out of the ground. Our current reliance on technology means that need is now a seemingly inexhaustible thirst – according to best available figures, the average mobile handset includes over 60 different types of metal which all have to be sourced!

Copper is not being found in the quantities needed for the new devices, and the fluctuations in price mean explorers aren’t sure when new copper mines will become commercially viable. All this means that your smartphone in a few years may well have to last you a lot longer than you expect!

Every type of mining is by it’s very nature hostile, for deep mining we saw 16,599 miners die in the UK from 1950 to 2000 alone. This hostile environment is where our thermoplastic moulding terminations can help with all aspects of work. Without interrupted service in power or data workers are safer and the processes are set – after 10,000 installations and zero leaks we’re confident in our record.

If you’re deploying industrial equipment to the seabed for ocean mining, the cost of rectification can often cost many times more than having done the job “right” in the first place.

We firmly believe that fit and forget in hostile environments is always preferable to mission failure and when we are involved from an early stage in development such reliability doesn’t need to equal a higher price. Challenge us!