Deep mining

If you’re accessing this page on a mobile device, then you’ve relied on mining to read this text. The touchscreen technology uses mined compounds such as indium-tin-oxide to make the glass connective.

The picture most people have of a mine is based around historical dramas or from the pictures of coal miners from the strikes in the 80s. Whilst this isn’t now the correct way to think of a technologically advanced mining operation, it does help to illustrate the need for pressure moulded cable systems for power and data due to the hostile and unpredictable environments.

A large proportion of mines are either permanently under the water line so need constant pumping, or are subject to weather variations meaning they need to be ready for flooding.

With our cable systems you can deploy them in any area of the mine in the most hostile of environments and not worry as they will not leak. With our 100% record across 10,000 installations in high pressures and hostile environments mining conditions hold no problems.

We can achieve this because our terminations are pressure moulded and so form a homogenous finish with a chemical bond at the connector back shell meaning you truly can ‘fit and forget’.