Ocean Mining

As the world’s most remote places become ever more accessible thanks to developments in technology we’re reaching a tipping point in the viability of deep-ocean mining.
This is being teamed with years of negotiations between mining companies and developing island nations looking like they’re nearer fruition.

Meaning that the time to look properly at a commercial solution for deep-mining is now needed. Driven by the continued demand for metal fueled by technology, this is an industry in it’s infancy but will grow up fast once profit projections begin to be achieved.

If you are mining on the seabed, you need to ensure that once your infrastructure and plant is down there you can power it and receive all the data from the monitoring systems so you know what you’re mining. We supply pressure moulded cable systems that will be dynamic enough to move with the ocean and yet durable enough to give you reliability.

This is because we use thermoplastic technology which fully amalgamates the cable jacket to the termination leaving a completely sealed assembly. This can be deployed for decades on the seabed without any ill effect to the power or data. We know this thanks to our record across 3 decades doing exactly that and more – 10,000 installations and zero leaks.