Unassailable Fit & Forget Pressure Moulded Cable Systems for Hostile Environments

SMI Host Director of Submarine Capability

Denise Hunt, Rear Admiral Tim Hodgson, MBE & Keith Wells

This week SMI were pleased to welcome Rear Admiral Tim Hodgson, MBE, to their headquarters in Andover. As Director of Submarine Capability, Rear Admiral Tim Hodgson is familiar with the work that SMI have produced over the last 25 years for the MoD as well as their 23 years of unbroken approval capability approval for the manufacture of Pressure Hull Glands.

Following a meeting at DSEI in September, the Rear Admiral was keen to see for himself how the pressure hull glands and mouldings are manufactured to ensure they deliver fit and forget performance.

After a short presentation from Chief Executive Officer, Keith Wells, the Rear Admiral was taken around the factory by Operations Director, Denise Hunt. As all the UK manufacturing and testing takes place on site, there was a lot to see and the workforce were delighted that the navy’s most senior engineer would take the time to meet the team and discuss their work and experiences.

With their recent global expansion into Australia and Europe, Denise Hunt explained how key this visit is to SMI.

“To deliver long term reliability with our fit and forget assurance, every process is critical. This visit has helped reiterate that importance to colleagues and highlight the value of the work that we do here. Our apprentices took particular delight in meeting Rear Admiral Hodgson”