Unassailable Fit & Forget Pressure Moulded Cable Systems for Hostile Environments

See you at the Farnborough International Airshow

With Farnborough International Airshow just a few days away, we’re getting ready to showcase how 25 years of technical expertise can deliver through life economy for aerospace.

With a 25-year pedigree of producing cable systems for the naval sector, including the UK’s nuclear fleet, we are now expanding our hold on the aerospace sector. This means adapting the toughness, durability and dependability of our naval products for the particular demands of the aerospace domain. We’re making them lighter and leaner and addressing challenges around the lubricants, hydraulic fluids and other liquids found on aircraft.

Aircraft environments expose cable systems to an array of dynamic environmental extremes. Cable systems in the area have traditionally utilised off-the-shelf materials. However, these solutions are not long-term, and require constant replacement and through-life costs. SMI’s bespoke, moulded cable systems are tailored to their environment and deliver a cost-effective yet robust and reliable solution. For example, our cables were deployed to protect a proximity sensor on a fire fighting plane, confirming that the scoop for the water was fully closed and enabling the pilot to safely continue to the drop site.

Thermal expansion and contraction and pressure cycling during altitude changes can produce problems over time for power and data systems, as condensation pervades connections through traditional sealing technologies. This cannot happen with our terminations, thanks to the thermoplastic moulding technology we use.

We see scope for our cable systems across different categories of aircraft, both commercial and military, and can’t wait for the Airshow to discuss potential opportunities and ideas with companies.
We’re in Hall 4, Stand 4480 and look forward to seeing you there.