Unassailable Fit & Forget Pressure Moulded Cable Systems for Hostile Environments

SMI making waves in Pembrokeshire

SMI attend Marine Energy Wales 2022 event

SMI attended Wales’ only conference dedicated to marine energy this week. Marine Energy Wales brings together over 200 attendees to discuss the future of renewable energy in Wales.

The conference also showcased a number of technologies that are exploiting the natural resource of the area in an efficient, effective and sustainable way.

Jo - new employee at SMI

SMI designs and manufactures fit and forget cable systems that form the central nervous system of marine power generation equipment such as turbines, tidal arrays and wave power systems.

Business Development Manager, Jo Burke (right), was in attendance to meet with a number of our wave and tidal power partners during the conference.

A range of deck mate, penetrators and wet-mate technologies are typically integrated by SMI to deliver full system connectivity for power, data and control systems with higher bandwidth delivered with electro-optic hybrid connections. High pressure, thermoplastic mouldings ensure these systems perform reliably for decades once deployed.