Unassailable Fit & Forget Pressure Moulded Cable Systems for Hostile Environments

SMI Speak at International Tidal Energy Summit 2016

International Energy Summit Event poster 2016

Keith Wells CEO SMI;
Guest Speaker at International Tidal Energy Summit 2016

The organisers of International Tidal Energy Summit have this year invited Keith Wells CEO of SMI to outline advances in Pressure Moulded Cable Harnesses and Connectors at the 10th Annual Tidal Energy Series Summit in London this week.

The International Tidal Energy Summit is on the 22nd & 23rd November and is the industries largest gathering with Guest Speakers from across the world, including leading business figures and representatives of Governments and NGOs.

The event brings together the leaders and innovators from across the tidal power industry. It is therefore an appropriate place for CEO Keith Wells to outline some of SMI’s recent innovations.

From Embedded IoT Sensing Technology to combined PE~PU Dual-Jacket Sealing, Low profile 90deg Fibre Optic Connectors to lifetime harness guarantees!

With more than 10,000 installations and zero failures SMI products are widely recognised as the natural choice for the tidal industry where hostile environments and missions critical installations demand absolute reliability –  something SMI have been offering the worlds submarine fleets for over 25 years.  SMI’s Fit and Forget mantra is as appropriate to the tidal power industry as it is to a nuclear submarine, where the cost of rectification outweighs initial capital cost many times over.

The SlipstreaM connector and associated mouldings are ideal for transferring power and data in wave and tidal installations especially where there is restricted space or low resistance to tidal movements are a consideration.  When mated with SMI’s Patented PlastEthUrm technology it enables SMI to provide lifetime warranties for cable mouldings and harnesses.

Keith Wells will outline why all too often the wrong conversations are had. Focusing on lowest cost not best in life performance leading to lowest life cost and why these unique technologies really do risk reduce every installation and concurrently increase reliability many times over.

Advanced engineering approaches deliver key competitive advantages to most wave and tidal projects through reducing the lifetime cost of installations and it is in this area that Keith Wells talk will focus:- how advanced engineering can solve technical and by association commercial challenges in the offshore power industry.