Unassailable Fit & Forget Pressure Moulded Cable Systems for Hostile Environments

Will we see you at EURONAVAL?

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SMI are delighted to be attending EURONAVAL 2018 this October 23-26 in Le Bourget (France). With over 15,000 square metres of exhibition area and over 23,000 visitors there is a lot get through in the 4 days.

We have a 25-year pedigree of producing cable systems for the naval sector, including the UK’s nuclear fleet and the French naval submarine. This includes 23 years uninterrupted Capability Approval from the UK MoD for Pressure Hull Glands for submarines, which is a unique achievement worldwide.

Cut out the costly refit with our cable harnesses– achieve through life economy.

Underwater cable harness systems typically last for 10 years, but we have successfully designed and delivered a product which we confidentially predict will last 40 years. Our PlastEthUrm cable harness has a dual jacket system that marries the capabilities of 2 materials to reinforce their properties collectively.

Our mouldings are also fully recyclable as they have no thermoset plastics within them so unlike current systems which include thermoset plastics (which result in a non-recoverable entire system), after their lifetime of 40 years, all the elements from our new cable harness system include metals, copper and plastics can simply be recycled. Obviously, we can assist you with connectors and cable selection to reach such outstanding performances.

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