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For nearly 60 years, pressure hull glands have been the method by which the British Navy have attached equipment from the outside to the inside of a submarine.
This is where our expertise was born, and is where we have developed world leading methods and processes. We’ve taken these, and our decades of expertise, and developed them into solutions for hostile environments around the world.

These are grounded in our ground breaking use of PE and TPPU together in our PlastEthUrM mouldings.


PlastEthUrM combines the benefits of the two different jacket materials, PE as the inner jacket and TPPU as the outer jacket. Both jackets are separately terminated using thermoplastic pressure moulding processes where each different material amalgamates with its own jacket and chemically bonds to the connector back shell. The result is a completely sealed assembly where moisture and water cannot penetrate the cable jacket, connector terminations or breakouts.

Increased Durability

Additionally, a Kevlar braid has been included between the two jackets to further increase the cut through resistance and to provide even more protection against weld splatter and other hot works. This means that the PE technology proven over 60 years lies completely protected beneath the braid with the TPPU jacket protection providing a very high level of cable robustness for the first time in British submarines. The outer jacket will not seal for the design life required but as a sacrificial layer, provides an excellent toughness and protection of the PE jacket buried inside and sealed for more than 40 years.

90 Degree Sealed Cable Routing

We’ve recently released to the market our SlipstreaM connector mouldings, which are ideal for transferring power and data in wave and tidal installations especially where there is restricted space or low resistance to tidal movements are a consideration. This offers a 90° thermoplastic sealed cable routing for a range of connectors. Optical performance is preserved and installations can be designed efficiently.

Download the SlipstreaM – 90 Low Profile Moulding Data Sheet

When mated with SMI’s PlastEthUrm technology it enables us to provide lifetime warranties for cable mouldings and harnesses.

So no matter how hostile your working environment, we can deliver a product that is truly ‘fit and forget’.