Submarine Cable Systems

Since the 1960s, pressure hull glands have been used by the British Navy to attach equipment from the inside to the outside of a submarine.

This is where one of the founders of the company cut their teeth and we’ve been involved in the sector ever since. We are the only company we know of worldwide to hold nearly 24 years continuous Capability Approval from the MoD for our Pressure Hull Glands. Submarine Cables

Through this experience we have developed world leading methods and processes which are grounded in our use of PE and TPPU together in our PlasEthUrM mouldings which guarantees FIT and Forget straight out of the dockyard.
This has been adopted by foreign navies and at home and is now delivering total reliability and with 100% success of existing and future submarines.

We have installed a new radiography facility which will enables 100% X-ray examination for inclusions and bonding to be carried out on all marine products.   This is essential to ensure that the polyethylene is bonded right down into the bottom of each castellation, a common fault and reason for failure in recovered pressure hull glands from submarines.  The knowledge built up from returned equipment and from previous competitors process information confirms that poor or negligible bonding has occurred and is in service on in-service submarines.