We use a range of connectors within our pressure moulded cable systems, the choice depends on your particular specifications or following on from a discussion with you on the problem that you need to solve.

Our design team often find ways to improve on your initial specifications as they have expert knowledge on how various connectors and cables interact over time in various environments. They are also constantly pushing the technological boundaries so can suggest ways to work that you may have thought impossible.

This recently occurred with the launch of our SlipstreaM – A high technology low profile 90 degree fibre optic moulding which can even include remote sensing technologies if required. This is mated to a range of connectors and at the back end bonded to our patented PlastEthUrm dual jacket cabling offering strength and longevity with the combination of PE and TPPU. By combining these technologies we are able to offer a lifetime warranty which we believe is unique in the industry. Without going into specifics on circumstance we know that our thermal and chemical bonding techniques are so advanced that they can withstand a material explosion at very close quarters and still be relied on to work.