Aircraft Cable Connectors

The UK aerospace sector has over 9 years work still on it’s books and the turnover in 2015 was £31 billion. This is largely driven by advancements in technology meaning lighter faster and larger aircraft being made more efficiently.

A range of aircraft cable connectors

This rise in technology also means greater reliance on connections within the aircraft. Power, data and optical systems are all only as good as their weakest connector.

The issue is usually not the actual connector, it’s the back of the cable system where water or chemicals can leak into the back boot of the connector and so cause a failure. This is where we can solve your problems as our pressure moulded cable systems don’t leak or fail, ever.

We have over 10,000 installations with zero leaks over 3 decades. When you think that there are over 300 miles of cables on an A380 Airbus that is a lot of connections that could potentially go wrong so why take the risk when one fault can be catastrophic.


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