Harsh Environment Connectors

Connectors operating in harsh conditions are often operating mission critical equipment that simply cannot fail. Whether they’re delivering fibre optic, data or power you need to be absolutely sure that your connectors will operate perfectly for the life of the product.
Close-up of Harsh Environment Connector
This is what we deliver through our pressure moulded cable systems, which are fully impervious to the environment in which they’re placed. Our thermoplastic technology creates a completely homogenous finish where water and moisture cannot penetrate the cable jacket or connector termination.

This may seem a bold claim, but we have 10,000 installations and zero leaks over 3 decades that prove our technology and expertise. We also have nearly 20 years continuous Capability Approval from the MoD for our Pressure Hull Glands – something we believe to be unique worldwide.

If you need to be sure of your connectors and connections then you need to be talking to us.


Download the Harsh Environment Connectors Data Sheet