Submersible Cable Connectors

Submersible Cable Connector

If you’re working an ROV at the bottom of the ocean or diving in freezing waters to mate a stab connector, you need to be sure that once the join is made then the power or data will be uninterrupted as the costs in making the connection again escalate which all affect the bottom line.

Our pressure moulded cable systems will always supply the connection that you need and are impervious to hostile environments so can be deployed anywhere.

We use thermoplastic technology that uses the same jacket material which is pressure injected at temperature and fully amalgamates to the cable jacket to produce the breakout or connector termination.  The energy driven into the materials produces a chemical bond at the connector back shells, producing a very high integrity bonded seal. The result is a completely sealed assembly where moisture and water cannot penetrate the cable jacket, connector terminations or breakouts.

Having provided over 10,000 installations – with zero leaks – over the last 25 years – we watch others learn from bitter experience that the cost of rectification significantly outweighs the upfront cost so save a headache and work with us from the beginning.

Download the Submersible Connectors Data Sheet