Wiring Harnesses

The expertise of our team is based on our ability to solve problems in the real world. We understand that cables, connectors and wiring harnesses are specified within a larger system to fulfill a purpose usually for the least amount of budget possible.

We look to change that approach and instead examine the life-time cost of the systems we engineer and design. This means that our wiring harnesses will perform as you need them to now and for the operational deployment time – be that on the sea bed, at high altitude and everything in between.

Our harnesses are manufactured by assembling different jacketed cable configurations using our thermoplastic technology for the connector terminations and breakouts. The energy produced at the moulding pressures and temperatures used in the process produces a chemical bond between the injected polymer material and the connector back shells, resulting in a very high integrity bonded seal.

This creates a completely sealed assembly where moisture and water cannot penetrate the cable jacket, connector terminations or breakouts which is why we can stand by our 10,000 installations, zero leaks, fit and forget record.