Aircraft Wiring Harnesses

We design and make pressure moulded cable systems for hostile environments. The rigors of continued exposure to thermal contraction and expansion from changes in altitude are by no means the most hostile environments our harnesses are deployed, but on mission critical systems you want the best solution available.

When you’re at 30,000 feet with a plane full of people you need to be confident in all your systems and sensors. This is why you should be working with us. Exposure to the changing environments on an aircraft can mean reliability issues with power and data systems as water ingresses into the back of the termination. This cannot happen in our systems as they are completely sealed assemblies where the finish is homogenous so there is no way for the water to get inside the termination.

Our expertise has been proven across 3 decades with no failures across 10,000 installations. Next time the fasten seat belt sign comes on and you’re about to start your descent, wouldn’t you want that record for the critical systems that you’re about to trust to bring you down safely.


Download the Aircraft Wiring Harnesses Data Sheet