Subsea Wiring Harnesses

When you’re laying a cable array on the seabed you need to be sure that once it’s deployed that it will work, as well as being rugged enough to withstand the harsh and dynamic environment it finds itself in.

Our products are designed to meet dynamic movement in hostile environments where system sealing against any water or moisture ingress is essential to ensure longevity of the harnesses which in turn achieves high reliability.

We can be confident of this statement because we already have pressure moulded cable systems in place in some of the most hostile environments imaginable, and they are performing exactly as they should.

Our thermoplastic processes ensure zero leaks but we are also able to achieve multiple cable terminations so there is no compromise between requirements and reliability. 10,000 installations over 3 decades and zero leaks – this is why we can confidently say with our systems you ‘fit and forget’.

Image of SubSea Harness Wire

Download the Subsea Wiring Harnesses Data Sheet