unassailable ‘fit & forget’ pressure moulded cable systems for hostile environments

PlastEthUrm Capabilities

Scientific Management International have been specialists in thermoplastic technology for a quarter of a century, producing cable harness systems for long term deployment subsea.

High pressure and high temperature moulding processes for polyurethane, and more exceptionally polyethylene, have been optimised to offer a range of “fit and forget” technology solutions for defence, marine, renewable energy and transport applications. In sectors where reliability of critical systems is essential and access for planned maintenance is difficult, the demand for longer product life grows.

Harmonising the benefits of two different cable jacket materials through a PlastEthUrm moulding which separately seals and water blocks has given SMI the opportunity to offer an industry leading and unique 10 year warranty.

SMI’s unparalleled 10 year warranty guarantees PlastEthUrm mouldings to be free from leaks for 10 years from being installed subsea.

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Without Compromise

Polyethylene (PE) offers superior electrical insulation and unparalleled long term insulation resistance in sea water while thermoplastic polyurethane is ideal for abrasion and wear resistance. PlastEthUrm mouldings combine the benefits of the two different jacket materials, PE as the inner jacket and TPPU as the outer jacket. Both jackets are separately terminated using thermoplastic pressure moulding processes where each different material amalgamates with its own jacket and chemically bonds to the connector or penetrator back shell.

PlastEthUrm mouldings have been integrated into the Telemetrix portfolio of data and power infrastructure adopted by navies around the world and are the preferred solution for system designers wanting to extend platform life. 

To access the performance advantage of PlastEthUrm, engage our specialists to advise on cable and termination design as early in the process as practically possible.