For a long time, it was felt that selecting material for cable harnessing involved a compromise between electrical performance and abrasion resistance; different materials had different advantages. We don’t believe you have to compromise – we can deliver the best of both worlds.

PlastEthUrM mouldings combines the benefits of the two different jacket materials, PE as the inner jacket and TPPU as the outer jacket. Both jackets are separately terminated using thermoplastic pressure moulding processes where each different material amalgamates with its own jacket and chemically bonds to the connector back shell. The result is a completely sealed assembly where moisture and water cannot penetrate the cable jacket, connector terminations or breakouts.

Without compromise

Additionally, a Kevlar braid can be included between the two jackets to further increase the cut through resistance and to provide even more protection against weld splatter and other hot works. This means that the PE technology proven over 60 years lies completely protected beneath the braid with the TPPU jacket protection providing a very high level of cable robustness. The outer jacket will not seal for the design life required but as a sacrificial layer, provides an excellent toughness and protection of the PE jacket buried inside and sealed for more than 40 years.

We deliver unrivalled subsea cable and connector reliability by amalgamating advanced chemistry with pioneering thermoplastic pressure moulding techniques.

If you use the PlastEthUrm platform then no compromises are required, we deliver what you need with a guarantee of the life of the cable harness.

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