unassailable ‘fit & forget’ pressure moulded cable systems for hostile environments

Pressure Hull Glands

Scientific Management International have been supplying pressure glands and hull penetrators for defence applications for more than two decades, and are the only company to continuously hold a Ministry of Defence Capability approval Certificate for the last 20 years. This is where our expertise was born, and is where we have developed world leading methods and processes.

We hold both MOD PTS 14299 Type Approval and Defence Standard 08-171 Issue 2 Approval for the manufacture of first level Pressure Hull Glands and Penetrators.

Our connectivity range provides electrical, co-axial and fibre optic solutions either individually or as hybrid solutions. High density contact designs with our high temperature, high pressure PlastEthUrm mouldings provide reliable systems for long term service subsea.

Our low profile SlipstreaM fibre optic mouldings enable the implementation of state of the art optical connectivity in even the most spatially challenging locations.

Pressure Hull Penetrators

Our range of connector harnesses, glands and pressure hull penetrators for submarines are tested up to 600 bars, can accommodate up to 265 contacts and carry a maximum 3.2 KV, 600 A. They have a double sealing system, are open face pressure watertight and shock proof. 

Specially designed for long-term underwater operations in submarines and other military or civil equipment in hostile environments, cable integration is achieved through high pressure, high temperature mouldings which seal for lifetime reliability.

Download SMI's Pressure Hull Glands Data Sheet