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Celebrating two decades of support for Australian Navy with new plant at the 9th Biennial SIA conference in Canberra

Scientific Management International are currently attending the 9th Biennial SIA conference in Canberra and are presenting solutions that are ‘right first time, every time – fit & forget™’. In its decades of work, they have so far produced more than 10,000 installations with zero leaks. From it’s founding in 1992 by CEO, Keith Wells, the company has had a reputation for both innovation and the highest level of reliability.

10,000+ installations, zero leaks: 25+ years of engineering excellence in cable systems for hostile environments

Deployed on submarines, ships, aircraft and on tidal turbines to name just a few mission-critical and challenging projects across the globe where the components cannot fail, SMI has been producing moulded cable systems with 20-year reliability in the sea.

This is illustrated by their decade’s long history of producing Pressure Hull Glands.

Pressure Hull Glands (PHG)

Pressure hull glands (PHGs) have to have a very specific mix of durability and reliability, adhering to incredibly strict tolerances and specifications. PHGs or Pressure Hull Penetrators as they are also known are the accepted way for cables necessary to pass to systems external to the submarine pressure hull including power, electronics and fibre optics.

As PHGs penetrate the hull of the vessel and have to endure very high pressures over continued dives and rapid ascents their functional integrity is vital – they simply cannot fail.  SMI’s technology is preferred in Navies across the world including UK, France, Australia and Canada.

Over 20 Years of UK MoD Capability Approval

Scientific Management International is the only company globally to hold over 20 years of continuous UK MoD capability approval. SMI connectors are specified across a range of the most challenging surface and marine applications in the British armed forces and beyond.

With long-term 100% effective sealing users can extend the life of their systems and prevent unexpected failures in mission-critical areas. In both civilian and military applications, SMI’s cable systems are now specified by those who

recognise the value of full operational effectiveness, longer deployment, reduced maintenance cycles and through life efficiency.

Global Support

SMI is headquartered in Andover, UK and has offices in Paris, France, Perth WA and Halifax, Canada. New manufacturing facilities in Australia promise to bring faster support and the convenience of local manufacturing to new and existing programmes down under as SMI look to extend their 22 years of supply to the Collins class.