Submarine & Sub Sea Connectors

One of the founding members of our company worked on the first pressure hull glands for submarines in the 1950s and we have been industry leaders producing pressure hull glands and submarine connectors ever since.

Pressure Hull Glands (PHG)

pressure hull gland from SMIPressure hull glands have to have a very specific mix of durability and reliability, adhering to incredibly strict tolerances and specifications. PHGs or Pressure Hull Penetrators as they are also known are the accepted way for cables necessary to pass to systems external to the submarine. Various functional systems are external to the hull and therefore Pressure Hull Glands need to allow the passing of power, electronics and fibre optics through the hull without interference.

As PHGs penetrate the hull of the vessel and have to endure very high pressures over continued dives and rapid ascents their functional integrity is vital.

Our “fit and forget” products have been in service for 25 years with zero leaks as evidence from the Royal Navy demonstrates.  This is founded on thermoplastic moulding technology where the moulding is pressure injected at temperature and fully amalgamates to the cable jacket and chemically bonds to the gland stem.

Sub-sea and Submarine Wiring Harnesses

PHGs are just part of the sub-sea product set that SMI have developed. We provide connectors for high hydrostatic pressure, ITAR harness design, through to undersea cable connectors and harnesses. Complex technical challenges have been brought to our in-house engineering team to solve. Whether a military innovation or a civil engineering project challenge our ability to design, prototype, test and then build to the most exacting standards has made SMI the company informed people turn to. You can be assured that we have the experience and abilities that you need. With the increasing pressure on total cost of ownership, speed to deployment, and needs of innovation it is reassuring to know you can turn to SMI for your sub-sea and submarine connector and wiring harness needs.

Immense and often rapidly changing pressures, changing temperature, chemical reactions in salt water all make sub-sea and submarine applications challenging and a truly hostile environment. Whether a connector is taking power, signals, or fibre optics the undersea environment is not an arena you want failure in, whether acute or simply a shortened service life. The cost of rectification for any of these products that fail significantly outweighs the upfront cost so you need to know that the systems will not fail and that’s what we can promise with our 100% record and zero leaks across 10,000 installations.

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