unassailable ‘fit & forget’ pressure moulded cable systems for hostile environments


The TelemetriX technology solutions have been developed by Scientific Management International to allow rapid, secure, and dependable interoperability between critical naval systems in submarine and surface fleets. Power, control and high speed data transfer are delivered on a dependable architecture which ensures performance and long term reliability. 

Built from a 25 year legacy supplying the submarine fleets in the UK, Canada and Australia, the technology that has delivered more than 10,000 installations with zero leaks has been developed to support the future capabilities of enhanced combat, communication and acoustic systems.

Data, delivered.

Technology designed and manufactured to merge external features of Def-Stan 02-524 Part 2 with MIL-C24231 submarine penetrator features.

Designs utilise internal componentry extensively qualified in accordance with Def-Stan 08-171 and PTS 14299 including UNDEX testing. Outboard connectivity fully interfaces with sonar supplier hardware to ensure ‘fit & forget’ system reliability.

Retrofit design options for platform life extension and system upgrade are available.

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TelemetriX Product Configurations

Telemetrix Product Configurations