Railways have always been leaders in technology, bringing with them new ideas and thinking – they even changed the way we tell the time. A new era of change is about the hit the railways with the development of HS2.

This will mean that you can go from London to Birmingham as fast as if you were driving in a Bugatti Veyron. This comes at a cost as the train will use 3 times the power of other trains, and the line itself will include over 70 miles of tunnels including a £500M tunnel through the Chiltern Hills.

All the data and power on these systems and within the infrastructure will therefore be mission critical. If you have sidings within a tunnel where water will naturally accumulate you need to ensure that the power connections will not fail otherwise delays and problems will overtake any headlines for speed.

This is where we can solve problems before they begin with our thermoplastic mouldings. We can make a variety of terminations on pressure moulded cable systems that will not fail. Our technology and expertise has been proven with deployments ranging for high altitude to the sea bed, and we have never had a failure in 10,000 installations. If you need a system where you can ‘fit and forget’ you need to talk to our engineers, and make the headlines for the right reasons.


Download the Transport Infrastructure: Rail Data Sheet