Unassailable Fit & Forget Pressure Moulded Cable Systems for Hostile Environments

Unassailable Fit & Forget Pressure Moulded Cable Systems for Hostile Environments

Delivering the Promises of Systems Engineers Year on Year

SMI Thermoplastic Moulding

Working across three decades in the naval sector, SMI has a 25-year pedigree of producing cable systems for the naval sector, including the UK’s nuclear fleet with over 10,000 installations with zero leaks.

The tagline of ‘fit and forget’ is not an idle promise, as advanced bonding and inspection techniques deliver cable systems with extended service life. Routinely deployed subsea for 25 years, the TelemetrixTM product technology is now being deployed into renew- able energy, oil & gas, transport and aerospace where through tank cable systems are helping to rewrite aircraft design in both military and civilian sectors.

As in the naval sector, aerospace operators must be absolutely assured that every system in the platform is functioning perfectly and will do so for its entire operational life. SMI is committed to technological excellence. The company’s culture is built on innovation, along with a focus on rigorous quality assurance and accreditation; for example, it is the only company in the world to hold 23 years continuous capability approval from the UK MoD for the manufacture of pressure hull glands, re-qualifying every three years. This is a unique achievement worldwide.

SMI Dual Jacket Technology

Produced using advanced chemistry and sophisticated thermoplastic pressure moulding techniques sealing is achieved not only mechanically but with chemical bonding at a molecular level. With long-term sealing users can not only extend the life of their systems, cutting back on the costly maintenance cycle and reducing through-life costs, but also demand the performance promised by sonar and combat system design engineers.

Profiled in the 2017 Parliamentary Review for Aerospace, Defence & Security for their exemplary work in marine defence:

“The most successful projects are those that involve collaborating with other innovators, and making an impact on the industry as a whole, bringing 25 plus years experience to good use.”

This was certainly the case when commissioned by the Royal Navy to help develop a solution to reliability issues with a critical secondary propulsion motor used in submarines. The R&D team redesigned the relevant part in a way that resolved the problem, provided a dependable and reliable system and saved the Navy budget. This solution has now been fitted across the fleet.”

If you have any connectivity challenges, be they signal, power or optical transmissions, that you think are insurmountable, talk to the team with a 100% record for fit and forget solutions.

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