Unassailable Fit & Forget Pressure Moulded Cable Systems for Hostile Environments

Unassailable Fit & Forget Pressure Moulded Cable Systems for Hostile Environments

SMI Deliver again

The successful installation of the 2MW Tidal turbine in the Bay of Fundy last week has seen the potential development and possible deployments of tidal turbines advance to the next level.

The work was completed in one tidal cycle – no mean feat in the Bay of Fundy, and now means the turbines power and data is connected to the Fundy Ocean Research Centre for Energy (FORCE).

Today the turbine began to produce electricity, which is great news for the renewables market and highlights the technical achievements of OpenHydro – a DCNS company, and its supply chain including SMI (Scientific Management Associates formerly). We have supplied the cable harnesses and connectors for the balance of plant and as we heard today, it’s working perfectly – ‘fit and forget’.

Our systems thrive in hostile environments as is evident by our 10,000 installations and zero leaks record, and it’s a good thing as their successful deployment was tested by conditions including -35 degree temperatures and huge tidal forces.

SMI slipstream fibre optics

We’re delighted to be part of such a technologically advanced tidal stream project to harness the awesome power of the tides and reduce the damage to the atmosphere by carbon fuels.

Our engineering excellence has recently been showcased with the launch of our SlipstreaM OptiC – which offers a 90° thermoplastic sealed cable routing for a range of connectors. Optical performance is preserved and installations can be designed efficiently. When teamed with our PlastEthurM termination we offer a lifetime warranty – which illustrates our confidence in our systems.