Unassailable Fit & Forget Pressure Moulded Cable Systems for Hostile Environments

Unassailable Fit & Forget Pressure Moulded Cable Systems for Hostile Environments

Gisma Series 10 Connectors

These high quality, round, electrical connectors are designed for hostile environments and are available in bronze, stainless steel and titanium. Gisma’s Series 10 connectors are commonly used for oil and gas, defence and renewable energy applications where operational reliability is paramount. The patented lip seal guarantee of the watertight vulcanised elastomer insulators delivers reliability and the optional gasket in the mating area increases long term performance for various applications.

Gisma Series 10 Connector

Product Characteristics

These connectors are made with a robust metal housing designed for harsh environments, underwater mating and underwater applications to depths of 10,000m. All Series 10 connectors can be exposed open face to water-pressure without damage and supports a wide range of high performance underwater electrical connections, with current ratings up to 150 A, contact arrangements from 3 – 61 and voltage of 6,600 V.

Key design features

These high-quality connectors have a range of impressive design features including a robust metal shell housing made from bronze, titanium or stainless-steel. The contact of the connector is nickel and gold-plated, which also supports its strength and extremely high-performance capabilities. Double sealing (lip and conical sealing) in the mating area mean the connectors are high-pressure watertight, allowing the connectors to be used heavily in naval technology and marine research.

Other design features of the Series 10 support security and robustness, as the connector includes a locking sleeve with a flat thread. The impressive test pressure, of up to 880 bar, means you can test areas such as reliability, maximum capacity, pressure and fittings, effectively and without causing problems.

Series 10 special designs are available on request.

Mechanical Features

  • The shell material of the Series 10 connector is a corrosion resistant bronze, with a titanium alternative available
  • The standard boot material is NBR with an alternative FVMQ, with a special resistance about solar radiation
  • The standard clamp material is 316L which is developed to provide improved corrosion resistance to Alloy 304/304L in moderately corrosive environments
  • The insulator material is CR-elastomer shore A, with a working temperature from -30 to +90 °C


The Series 10 Gisma connectors are used mostly in the offshore industry, naval technology, marine research and renewable energy due to the high load capacity of the locking-screw thread.

Gisma Connectors and SMI

SMI has partnered with subsea connector partner, Gisma, since 1998. Gisma’s expertise in underwater connectors is perfectly aligned with our own goals of producing robust, high quality, pressure moulded subsea cable systems. Throughout our relationship, both SMI and Gisma have continually innovated to develop new solutions for the most hostile connectivity environments.

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For more information about the full range of Gisma Connectors and to discuss any requirements, please contact the team at SMI today and we will assist you with any specific requests.