Unassailable Fit & Forget Pressure Moulded Cable Systems for Hostile Environments

Subsea Connectors

Subsea Connectors may be a simple deck-mating, spray resistant plug and receptacle, or a deep-sea exploration mating, that has to be done wet, at depth and multiple times. In each case, connectors have to remain leak free and capable of withstanding the hostile marine environment over their life if they are to deliver cost-effective performance.

‘Fit and forget’ cable harnesses for the marine environment

SMI has been integrating the world’s leading marine environment connectors onto sealed and guaranteed cable harnesses for three decades. Our advanced manufacturing processes have enabled us to deliver more than 20,000 installations and zero leaks – truly ‘fit and forget’ solutions that meet and exceed even the manufacturer’s expectations for design life.

Underwater cable connectors for long term Deployment

SMI supplies wet- and dry-mate solutions, as well as pressure balanced oil filled (PBOF) wet mating connectors. Applications include naval defence, ocean science, towed arrays, exploration, drilling systems, production control systems and remotely operated vehicle (ROV) systems.  An SMI cable system is designed for long term subsea deployment, where reliability is critical and access is difficult.

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SMI subsea connectors for the Marine environment