Unassailable Fit & Forget Pressure Moulded Cable Systems for Hostile Environments


Custom Cable Connectors from SMI

SMI works with a range of connectors from leading manufacturers for applications in the deep subsea to aerospace. The common challenge is a hostile environment, where mission-critical reliability is essential. SMI is an integration specialist, able to choose the most appropriate technology and optimise it for deployment in the most challenging situations. SMI can also configure bespoke inserts to shells where an off-the-shelf solution is unavailable.

Close collaboration with our clients and early engagement in the engineering and design process enables us to advise on the options available and assist in selecting the right combination of cable and connector for each bespoke project.

Wet-mate and dry-mate solutions

We supply wet-mate and dry-mate solutions for high pressure and/or high-temperature applications. Shell materials can be from a range of metals or polymers, depending on whether weight, corrosion or robustness are the priority.

Our skilled teams will assess the mechanical, electrical and optical properties to identify the best fit for the job. We regularly use connectors from Gisma, Souriau, Teledyne, TE, Amphenol and Glenair amongst others.

To find out more about SMI’s range of connector solutions contact us.