Unassailable Fit & Forget Pressure Moulded Cable Systems for Hostile Environments

GISMA Connectors

SMI is a long-established GISMA partner

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SMI has partnered with GISMA, one of the world’s leading subsea connector manufacturers, since 1998. 

GISMA’s product range and expertise is perfectly aligned with our own goal of producing robust, high quality, pressure moulded subsea cable systems. Throughout our relationship, SMI and GISMA have innovated together, jointly developing new solutions for the most hostile connectivity environments.

Wet-Mate and Dry-Mate connectors

Series 10 Connectors

Gisma Series 10 Connector

These electrical round connectors are designed for hostile environment and are available in bronze, stainless steel or titanium. They are commonly used for oil and gas, defence and renewable energy applications, where operational reliability is paramount. The patented lip seal guarantee of the watertight vulcanised elastomer insulators deliver class leading reliability and the optional gasket in the mating area increases long term performance for various applications.

Series 16 Connectors

Gisma Series 16 Connector

The dry Series 16 connectors are specially designed for long-term use and are fitted with the proven insulator principle of Series 10. The longitudinally tight seal on the connection side makes these connectors particularly suitable for a hose connection system and are often applied in this way in offshore industry and renewable energy applications. As with all GISMA connectors, the Series 16 delivers high operational reliability and are watertight up to 450 bar of open face pressure.

Series 22 Subsea Connectors

Gisma Series 22 Connector

SMI has exclusive rights to this series of electrical and hybrid connectors. They are designed for long-term underwater applications such as naval technology, renewable energy and specific industry applications. The patented lip seal combined with the longitudinally water tight vulcanised elastomer provides a high level of operational reliability. Added to this, the additional gasket in the mating area helps ensure the long-term performance. The metric locking thread in the cap nut enables secure locking.

Series 24 Connectors

Gisma Series 24 Connector

The Series 24 connectors are suitable for smaller design dimensions and ensure a strong technology connection with a variety of applications. These connectors provide an ideal solution for harsh environments, as they are made with seawater and corrosion resistant bronze metal shells. The Series 24 connectors have a range of design and technical features that make them ideal for watertight installation.

Series 40 Connectors

The Series 40 possess a robust design that was developed for long-term underwater applications, such as in naval technology. The double O-ring seal in the mating area delivers longevity in the most hostile of environments and the metric locking thread in the locking sleeve allows secure closure. High quality PC optical fibre inserts ensure secure data transmission and different hybrid contact arrangements can be achieved thanks to the modular contact inlay, which can be fitted on any contact space with electrical contacts. SMI can also provide our SlipStream range of mouldings that offer a low profile 90° cable exit whilst protecting the optical fibres and managing the minimum bend radii.

Series 80 Connectors

Gisma Series 80 Connector

These push-pull connectors are predominantly used in ROV applications, subsea stab plates and junction boxes. Thanks to the flushing device in the oil-filled mating area, a high insulation value is guaranteed after underwater mating. As these connectors have an oil-filled plug they are pressure compensated and offer constant mating forces regardless of water depth.

GISMA Connector Range

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