Unassailable Fit & Forget Pressure Moulded Cable Systems for Hostile Environments

Unassailable Fit & Forget Pressure Moulded Cable Systems for Hostile Environments

Gisma Series 40 Connectors

Available in bronze, titanium and stainless steel, this open face longitudinally watertight connector has excellent dry mating capabilities and uses. Just like all other Gisma connectors, the Series 40 has a robust design ideal for wet mating and dry mating solutions, with a high-pressure water tightness.

Series 40 Gisma Slipstream Connector

Key features


The Series 40 possess a robust design that was developed for long-term underwater applications, such as naval technology. The double O-ring seal in the mating area helps to deliver this longevity in the most hostile of environments and the metric locking thread in the locking sleeve allows secure locking.

This connector has contact arrangements of 1 to 24 contact and has fibre contacts for single mode and multimode.


High quality PC optical fibre inserts ensure secure data transmission and different hybrid contact arrangements can be achieved thanks to the modular contact inlay, which can be fitted on any contact space with electrical contacts. Plug and receptacles / cable connecting receptacles can be fitted with dummies, electrical or fibre-optic contacts.

SMI can also provide our Slipstream range of mouldings, which offer a low profile 90° cable exit whilst protecting the optical fibres and managing the minimum bend radii.

It is important to note that only the plug or receptacle/cable connecting receptacle can be loaded with rear side pressure.

More technological features include:

  • Electrical contacts of 630 V / 25 A
  • Electrical contacts of 1000 V / 8 A
  • Test pressure up to 600 bar


The Gisma Series 40 connector has a seawater-resistant bronze shell that means it is most resistant in corrosive environments and withstands extremely high temperatures, from -30°C to +80°C. Connectors for different temperatures are available on request.

  • Mating operations: min 1000 (clean environment)
  • Shock: 150g 11ms


The Series 40 connector is used in mostly naval technology, marine research, renewable energy and industry applications.

Shell Styles Available

These are the shell styles available for the Series 40 connector:

Series 40 Endbell
Series 40 Outboard Plug
  • Removeable moulding end bell with rubber boot
  • Outboard plug
  • Flange receptacle
  • Jam nut receptacle
  • Cable connecting receptacle with removable moulding end bell and rubber boot, identical to the end bell for the plug
  • Pressure watertight cap for receptacle
  • Pressure watertight cap for plug
  • Protective cap for receptacle
  • Protective cap for plug


In our more than 20 year partnership, Gisma and SMI have continually developed new solutions for the most hostile of connectivity environments. Gisma’s expertise in developing underwater connectors, specifically designed for wet underwater plug-in and demanding operating conditions, is perfectly aligned with SMI’s goals.

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For more information about the full range of Gisma Connectors and to discuss your requirements, please contact the team at SMI today.