Unassailable Fit & Forget Pressure Moulded Cable Systems for Hostile Environments

Aerospace Cables And Connectors

View from onboard aircraft

Whether you’re transporting hundreds of people in a large commercial aircraft or helping to fight fires in remote locations, our cable and connector solutions deliver the performance and longevity you need.

Thermal expansion and contraction during altitude changes can cause issues over time on power and data systems as condensation pervades into connections through failing seals. Our penetrator designs enable cables to be taken through fuel tanks and can assist designers in selecting the most advantageous cable routing. Overmoulding and cable termination can be combined to address specific applications.

Working with the best connectors for each application for power and optics from a range of manufacturers, SMI’s technology seals the harness and offers extended life and reliability.

Case study: Canadair

SMI designed a robust moulding for a proximity sensor used on the Superscooper Canadair_CL-415 – regarded as the world’s best forest firefighting aircraft. The aircraft can replenish 1300 gallons of water in just 12 seconds at a speed of up to 70 mph.

The SMI sensors tell the pilot when the scoop is deployed and when locked back into flight mode when he can take off. Safety critical, we have never had a report of one ever leaking or failing – a great example of our fit and forget design ethos.