unassailable ‘fit & forget’ pressure moulded cable systems for hostile environments

Aircraft Cable Connectors

Reliable, Light Weight Aircraft Cable Solutions

In another application where reliability and performance are critical, aircraft connectors are designed to be light weight and able to go through multiple thermal and humidity cycles every day. 

Surviving extremes of temperatures, they need to be durable, reliable, and fail-safe, even after all of the thermal, humidity, and air pressure cycles.

For every pound of weight in an aircraft, the plane will burn many gallons of additional fuel over the life of the aircraft. This puts a huge premium on reduced weight for cable connectors and strain relieving back shells.

Aerospace Cable Solutions

SMI is working with existing designs of connectors, rigorously qualified for aerospace applications.

Specialist SMI mouldings provide a level of sealing enabling deployment in applications hitherto impossible and the extension of maintenance cycles.

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