For military aerospace solutions you need to be absolutely assured that every system in the aircraft is functioning perfectly and will remain the same for the operational life. This is where we deliver.

We would look to work with a client from early in the design stage bringing our decades of experience to the table, to once again deliver a solution that is right first time, fit and forget with zero leaks.

To our design skills we add our engineering expertise as illustrated in the wiring harness model above – this image showcases three of the ways we ensure ‘fit and forget’ installation is achieved:

  • Angled terminations to ensure easy installation
  • Multiple cable terminations from a single connector
  • Thermoplastic mouldings

It is essential to retain the “fit and forget” sealing performance of thermoplastic moulding processes for the harnesses and this can be achieved using Polyethylene (PE) which is graded excellent for use with Skydrol hydraulic fluids and runway de-icing fluids.

Download the Defence: Surface and Sonar Data Sheet

Download the Aircraft Connectors Data Sheet

Download the Aircraft Wiring Harnesses Data Sheet