Unassailable Fit & Forget Pressure Moulded Cable Systems for Hostile Environments

Cable Systems

Custom Cable Assemblies

When developing a complex new platform, it is likely that its cable infrastructure – its central nervous system – will need to be custom designed. Add in the challenges of operating the platform in a hostile environment and the need for highly experienced, specialist manufacturing support is clear.     

Every cable system SMI produces is carefully adapted to its application. Early engineering engagement with customers, combined with our 30 years of experience, helps us to arrive at fit-for-purpose solutions first time, every time. Understanding your priorities, we will work with you to balance economy, efficiency and effectiveness in delivering value for money to your projects.

SMI cable systems are designed to support end-to-end interconnections, be it outboard, inboard or across a complex network topology. Thermoplastic moulding supports the use of instruments and components in hostile environments that can be linked through reliable harnesses. We can mould cable routing into your harness design to simplify deployment and reduce strain on your cables.

We work with the industry’s leading connector manufacturers, selecting the optimal solutions from their ranges, as well as collaborating on customisation. Our independence means we draw upon the best options for your applications and integrate them into a sealed system that is perfectly adapted for its specific deployment characteristics.

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