Passenger journeys on the railways in Great Britain from 2015 – 16 reached 1.69 billion representing 64.4 billion passenger kilometres travelled. This shows the popularity of the service despite issues with reliability and industrial action.

This popularity is squeezing the infrastructure across the country which is why the government announced a new National Productivity Investment Fund which will spend £23bn on innovation and infrastructure over the course of the next five years.

These upgrades in addition to the ones already underway such as Crossrail should help keep passengers using the railways for the coming decades. This is all reliant on train companies running a good service which is where we can help.

Issues with power and connectivity cable systems across train rolling stock and on the line itself become more of a problem as time moves on increasing delays and taking profit off the bottom line. We can fix those issues before they occur with our thermoplastic moulding which produces pressure moulded cable systems which will not fail, leak or degrade. This ensures that the power and data will always be delivered and the trains can continue to run to schedule.


Download the Transport Infrastructure: Rail Data Sheet