By it’s nature wind energy is harnessed in hostile environments. There are over 7,000 operational wind turbines in the UK and nearly 1,500 of those are off-shore. These represent a significant investment by business in this energy sector but you need to ensure that the power is reaching the customers.

Many suppliers focus on initial costs at the expense of reliability, but you only need one failure for this to be an expensive mistake and more may follow.

We firmly believe that fit and forget in hostile environments is always preferable to mission failure and when we are involved from an early enough stage in development such reliability doesn’t necessarily need to equal a higher price. In order to ensure connectivity you need a system which is 100% reliable. We are.

We can be assured in our pressure moulded cable systems because we have been developing and deploying them across 3 decades. We use thermoplastic technology which results in a completely sealed assembly where moisture and water cannot penetrate the cable jacket, connector terminations or breakouts.

This means whether your turbine array is in the middle of the North Sea or in the Hebrides you can be assured that the power being generated will make it to the customers and your investment in equipment is safe.


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