Scientific Management International marine cable technology has advanced extraordinarily since the early experiments in the 1930s resulted in the use of PE. This is still one of the fundamental ingredients in most subsea cables but the chemistry we now utilise is many times more complex, resulting in bonding at a nano-level.

The first uses of PE on board ships included the Oberon Class submarines in the early 1960’s and PE cables and glands have been used on all British submarines from then on; including the Trafalgar and Vanguard classes and Victorious (Upholder) in service today.

Scientific Management International chemists have taken the extraordinarily capable PE polymer and joined it with TPPU to create our latest ground breaking deployment: PlastEthUrM moulding. This combines the benefits of  two different jacket materials for the best possible termination right into the gland, resulting in no compromise on reliability or durability even if one jacket were to be compromised or damaged.

This major advance allows us to offer PlastEthUrM with a lifetime warranty, – and as the only company worldwide to hold a Capability Approval Certificate from the MOD for Pressure Hull Glands – one we’ve held continuously for 20 years – you can be sure fit and forget will be delivered.


Download the Defence: Surface and Sonar Data Sheet

Download the Defence: Submarine Data Sheet