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Submarine Cable Systems

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Many countries are prioritising control of their territorial waters so are stepping up investment in their submarine fleets. Older platforms are subject to life extension programmes, while future submarines are being designed with ever more complex combat systems and operational capabilities.

Inboard and outboard cabling is increasingly recognised as the central nervous system of a submarine. It delivers power to critical systems, gives operators control over them and ensures their ongoing performance. With a growing recent history of serious failures, OEMs are demanding heightened focus on cabling architecture to support cost-effective reliability throughout the operational life of a submarine.

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SMI has been supporting submarine programmes for three decades and has a track record of more than 20,000 cable solution installations with zero leaks. Our company is the only manufacturer to hold UK MOD Capability Approval for the design and manufacture of pressure hull glands for 30 years.

SMI’s TelemetriX™ architecture brings together power, control, high frequency, and optical capabilities to optimise system performance and safeguard essential systems. Submarine fleets integrating TelemetriX™ into their technology can expect long service lives with full operational reliability.

TelemetriX™ products were developed for future naval capabilities but are being retrofitted to platforms to enable early deployment of pioneering tactical technologies and ensure reliability.

Lowest Through Life Cost

Traditionally, initial capital investment in submarines and their ongoing operational costs have been separated into different government budgets. This disguised the lifetime cost of cabling architecture, leading to technical selections in the build phase based on initial economies. This approach burdened governments with maintenance and replacement programmes across the life of the platform that fail to deliver value for money.

These programmes have driven a thriving support economy, with some manufacturers able to sell the same products time and again, replacing them repeatedly over the life of the boat to pre-empt their failure or after a leak has occurred. With essential navigation, sonar and weapons systems totally reliant on cable system for their performance, there’s no other option but to replace cable sets.

Tired of being hostages to fortune and with defence budgets across the world under pressure, astute naval engineers are now evaluating cabling infrastructure based on through life costs, looking for fit and forget solutions that will not fail throughout the life of the platform.

By designing in appropriate technologies and selecting right first time, every time, manufacturers can eradicate cable leaks and plug porous defence budgets.

Early Engagement With Your Programme

Products for submarine applications are bespoke so we encourage early engagement with our design engineers to benefit from our product expertise, application experience and the economies associated with designed-for-manufacture intelligence.

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