Land systems

As the nature of conflict changes across the world, so does the equipment needed to allow troops to best respond to threats. Rather than large scale fleets of tanks, armed forces are now looking to smaller more responsive vehicles that can be used across a number of deployments for various duties.

One aspect that doesn’t change is that when you’re relying on a vehicle to transport you across a warzone you need to trust that every system will work without fail.

land systemsOur cable systems will deliver the performance you need. Our harsh environment connector system has a non-metallic connector, so engineered to be more resistant to a hostile environment. Add to this our thermoplastic moulding where the moulding is pressure injected at temperature and fully amalgamates to the cable jacket and chemically bonds to the gland stem. This forms a completely sealed unit so is impervious to any environmental pressures. We can make these claims as we have a 100% record across 10,000 installations across 3 decades with zero leaks.

When your data or power cable system simply has to work, then you should be talking to us.