Conditions when out at sea are often ferocious and the equipment on board ship needs to be rugged enough to be able to withstand the environments. With increased technological advancements comes a greater reliance on data and power connections onboard.

The latest HMS Queen Elizabeth class aircraft carriers, which are currently under construction, each have within them over 250,000km of electrical cable & 8,000km of fibreoptic cable. This is not a system that you want issues with whilst at sea as many of these data and power supplies will be for mission critical purposes.

We can deliver on our ‘fit and forget’ promise for our pressure moulded cable systems as we have over 10,000 installations and a zero leaks record. This has been achieved in hostile environments in subsea so whatever the cable systems you need this will not be a problem and you can rest assured of the reliability and durability of these terminations for the life of the vessel.


Download the Defence: Surface and Sonar Data Sheet