Unassailable Fit & Forget Pressure Moulded Cable Systems for Hostile Environments


Wave at the back of a speed boat

Encapsulated instruments and bespoke cable design form part of our solutions for inboard and outboard cable harnesses, winches, masts, communication systems and sonar.

Bespoke cable solutions

Acting as the central nervous system of a ship, its cable systems need to be robust enough to meet the hostile environment of surface operating conditions.

SMI’s track record for more than 20 years continuous service is why our products are so often preferred. Our PlastEthUrm mouldings are supplied with a 10 year warranty as opposed to a 10 year design life.

Our range of connectors, glands, harnesses and encapsulated looms provide reliable connectivity for electrical, co-axial, fibre optic and power cables and find favour in a range of sonar applications, including bow systems, hydrophones, transducers, flank array sonar panels and towed sonar systems.

High performance, insulation resistance and low attenuation characterise every design and our completely amalgamated moulding technology ensures leak free lifetime deployment every time.