There is a shift occurring in the energy sector… energy production is transitioning from coal, oil and gas to solar, wind, wave and tidal. In fact, on a global basis 2016 saw greater power installation of these new forms of power generation come on line, than the more traditional.

Solar, wind, wave and tidal and nuclear ARE the future – and Scientific Management International are at the forefront of technical innovation across all sectors – especially renewables.

In March 2017, over a period of a number of days Denmark produced ALL its power needs from wind turbines ONLY.

In the third quarter of 2016 50% of UK electricity was generated by low carbon source such as renewables and nuclear.

France has the goal of decreasing their dependency on nuclear for electricity from 75% to 50% by 2025 and renewables are expected to fill the void – whilst Australia has already implemented the LRET to generate 33,000 GWh from renewables by 2020.

With the renewable energy market now progressing at such a pace, companies are under pressure to ensure these huge commercial and engineering undertakings are as efficient as possible harnessing the power produced. This is where our fit and forget promise comes into it’s own.

No one else can deliver the quality and assurance that you will receive from us. 10,000 installations and zero leaks. Our experience is born from a military perspective and if you succeed in an area where failure of systems can be fatal then deployment in a civilian operation holds low challenge.

We are ready and waiting to take up your product challenge…contact us so we can turn your plans into power delivered!


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