Unassailable Fit & Forget Pressure Moulded Cable Systems for Hostile Environments

Aircraft Cable Harnesses

Leak-Free Reliable Electrical Connection

Aircraft cables need to be flexible and abrasion resistant enough to be routed through complex paths in the airframe, including around corners and through holes, without failing. They also need to be lightweight, flame resistant and able to resist shock, vibration, corrosion and extreme temperatures, plus have strong electromagnetic protection.

SMI’s technology enables electrical wiring interconnect system (EWIS) to be deployed on airframes, including where they will see the worst environmental conditions such as the undercarriage, fuel tanks or landing gear. Having a leak-free reliable electrical connection enables a move away from hydraulic actuation to electrical harnesses, which creates considerable weight savings.

‘Fit and Forget’ Aircraft Cable Assemblies

Products in the SMI penetrator product set are all capable of resisting the aggressive fluids typical in the aviation space including chemicals, fuels and hydraulic fluids. SMI moulding technology also provides complex breakout options and over moulding of components for fit and forget reliability.

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